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Customer Satisfaction Towards Software Services

These are set of instruction sent to the computer. When the computer receives these instructions or codes, it does the task as per the user’s desire. In general, the software is a set of command that govern the computer in performing a specified task or function. A program is usually installed into a computer. Hence they are not tangible. 

The following are the major categories of computer software:

1. System Software

It’s mostly referred to as the Operating system. It is basically a computer commander as it organizes every task taking place on the computer. It majorly works as an interface between the computer user and the computer hardware. It also works as a distributor of system resources to the application software. All computer hardware requires a device manager. All these devices have their own drivers. The driver is the one that carries the information which is required to run it. For instance, a driver belonging to the keyboard carries all required information that will enable the keyboard to operate efficiently when each key is pressed.

The system software acts as a shield to other available software on the computer. It offers support to all physical components of the computer. Some of the OS existing in the market includes Windows, UNIX, AIX, HP –UX (for HP computers). Windows OS is the Popular OS on the market. UNIX, on the other hand, has a powerful network hence used in large office setup. Apache OS is majorly used with web servers.

2. Application Software

These are the commonly used software. Application software is responsible for almost all daily tasks performed by the computer. For instance, a game is a task. Some example includes Microsoft office, which encompasses Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher. To access the internet, for instance, you can use Netscape, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. For Email Management, Outlook Express is the best-known software for the task.

Companies use this kind of software for daily business activities, and some of them are spreadsheets, payroll, accounts receivable, customer service, database organization, and inventory management. A company may decide to introduce a software whose main purpose is to educate the workers on a second language to increase work efficiency.

3. Programming language

Programming languages are a special type of instructions that are used in creating OS and application software.

Interpreters and compilers are two main translators used alongside programming language in executing commands. The example we have c++, java and simlab. Java is an internet programming language. Most of the developers use C++. The program, on the other hand, can also be used in operating system development.

PHP is a well-known programming language for internet application. Mobile devices have a new class of languages. They are generally lightweight languages for designing mobile applications.

All software works hand in hand with programming languages. The process is like a chain reaction. Command transfer initiates the chain reaction. The computer software then generates Machine codes that finalize the whole process.

4. Utility Programs

Its main purpose is to configure and maintain computers, not forgetting computer optimization. The functions include managing files, defragmenting, cleaning the registry, compressing data, portioning the disk, and backup. Utility Programs are normally installed into the prior computer purchase.

Customer Satisfaction

Is well understood that satisfied customers are the best business promoters. For a software seller, providing satisfactory services becomes a challenge. You have to understand that customer support isn’t just fixing a problem. Success is forming a better buyer relationship, which will eventually create a future sales opportunity. In every software industry, good quality and effective software products must go hand in hand with perfect customer services for a successful business.

You should put in mind that customers aren’t software professionals. So whatever you think is easy for you may be difficult for them. You should recall that the customer is always right and you want to receive good reviews to grow your business (click here to check out reviews). Is not easy to fully take care of your customers because of time being a limiting factor. Hence, you have to specify what kind of customer services you offer.

Most common techniques for customer support includes:

1. Your software should include a Help program.

This help program should include all aspects of the software you sell. You may decide to include a search box where the customer may search with keywords to get results.

2. Simplify your contacts (phone or e-mail)

Publicize your timetable helpline on your software. You should mind treating your clients with respect. Your language should be polite and easy to follow. Avoid long waiting queues. Set a piece of good quality music for your clients while calling. Have the patient when communicating with them. If you aren’t in a position of giving a solution for the problem at the time of call, give a short time frame for a callback.

3. Use your website for support offer and maintain updates.

Most customers prefer purchasing software from your website. Make sure you update them frequently. Introduce visible help icon for your customer and ensure that the raised problem is solved on time.

4. Create a forum

Consider creating a forum on your site. If not, take a step of joining other forums relating to your sales. This enables subscribers to post a query, and other subscribers may be in a position to give out a solution. Make sure you include professionals in your forum alongside other usual users. Teach your clients to participate in forums.

5. Consider visiting your important clients

It’s not too important but helpful. You should select only important customers only.

Good customer services are mainly to bring satisfactory in the face of your clients. Make sure you great a happy individualism relationship with your clients. Encourage physical contact with your clients and the company.

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